How the affiliate program works

When a new user clicks your referral link and completes a purchase, or purchases a license using your discount code, you will receive 20% of the transaction amount.

We will send out referral earnings on a bi-weekly basis. The payouts will be issued in BTC. Please note that transaction fees will be subtracted from the 20% commission.

Follow these steps to access your referral link:

  1. Purchase a CryptoStorm license.
  2. Install CryptoStorm and register the app with your license key.
  3. Click the Settings tab in the right sidebar - this is where you'll find your referral link.
  4. Share with your network and earn!

More details

We use cookies to track people who have clicked on your link, so they need to be using cookies for us to track them.

If a person doesn't allow cookies or clears their cookies then we can't track them so can't pay earnings on that person's activity.

Marketing material

Affiliate partners are welcome to use the following marketing material:

To help you along, we've summarized a few of the key Do's and Don'ts below.